For the last few months, I’ve been hard at work on the latest version of FlexMonkey, and I am excited to announce that it is being released as a beta today. For those that do not know, FlexMonkey is the open source functional testing tool for Flex and AIR. Along with this announcement, James Ward and I published an introductory article at that will give you a full overview of the tool.

We are calling this version “FlexMonkey Reloaded,” as I’ve reworked all the major parts of the tool. Here is the high level overview of the updates:

  • Brand new console:  New Flex 4 console with drag and drop paradigm to make test creating quick and easy.
  • New Test Elements:  A number of new test elements have been added (Set Property, Call Function, Store Value).
  • Continuous Integration/FlexUnit: FlexMonkey now generates FlexUnit 4 tests, and thus allows for taking advantage of FlexUnit’s CI infrastructure (Thanks to Mike Labriola for help getting this integrated).
  • Internals: 
    • Countless Code Refactors
    • Removed Mate Removed the Mate framework in favor of a simple custom EventBus.
    • MonkeyLink Communication Clean-up Cleaned-up to make connection between application under test and FlexMonkey more robust.
    • FlexUnit Core Runner: In addition to generating FlexUnit source, the console now uses FlexUnit for its internal runner infrastructure.

You can get the FlexMonkey Reloaded beta by downloading it here.